F.E. Warren AFB Guide

Personnel stationed at F.E. Warren AFB include active duty Air Force, Army Guard, Naval Reservists and Air National Guard members and families. There are also civilians who work on the base, retirees and their families. Since Cheyenne is situated at high altitude, around 6,000 feet above sea level, residents can experience altitude sickness for about a week until they adjust to the elevation.

Long History And A Unique Mission

F.E. Warren AFB was originally known as Fort D.A. Russell from 1867 until 1927. The name was changed in 1930 to honor Wyoming’s governor, Frances E. Warren. Mr. Warren was awarded a Medal of Honor for heroic acts while fighting in the civil war. He became a senator and served in that capacity for 37 years before becoming Wyoming’s Governor.

In 1947, F.E. Warren officially became an Air Force Base. It was used at one time as a training facility. The original unit stationed at F.E. Warren was the 4320th Strategic Missile Wing. Later, it became known as the 90th Space Wing. The name was changed again in 2008 to the 90th Missile Wing.

Minuteman III missiles are found in three western states in the U.S. The states are northern Colorado, western Nebraska and Wyoming. The base is proud of its contributions towards keeping America free and ready for combat at any time with its missile force.

Cheyenne Features Interesting Sites And Events

Residents of Cheyenne, Wyoming enjoy things like unique museums, trolley rides and shows at the Ice and Events center or at the Civic Center. The last two weeks of July, the city comes alive when the Annual Frontier Days Celebration comes to Cheyenne along with the rodeo. Residents can also take advantage of performances of the Cheyenne Symphony and enjoy strolling through botanical gardens.

There are no major sports teams in Cheyenne. Denver, Colorado is only a couple of hours away, with a variety of sports teams including the Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies and Denver Nuggets. There is an indoor football league in Cheyenne.

Education And Medical Care In Cheyenne

Students from F.E. Warren AFB attend local public schools in Cheyenne. There are about 44 schools, along with private schools for students.

Where students attend school depends on where they live. There are some families who choose to home-school children. Homeschooling is supported by the school district.

Base residents find medical care provided by the 90th Medical Group. A Veterans Administration Medical Center is located within driving distance.

The V.A. Center also offers wellness and preventive care.

Housing Is Expensive

Housing prices are very high and base housing is limited. Temporary housing can be difficult to find, with reservations being required in advance. The last two weeks of July, when the Frontier Days celebration is taking place, housing is nearly impossible to find. It is recommended to avoid moving to Cheyenne during this time, if possible. The Crow Creek Inn is the official lodging facility for the base. There are a few pet friendly rooms at the Crow Creek Inn.

Cell phones cannot be used while driving on base. Hands free devices must be used. F.E. Warren AFB has one Base Exchange, a Commissary and a small Shoppette for residents convenience.

Modified Date: May 14, 2012

Civilian Jobs On Base

Desktop Support TEKsystems - Cheyenne, WY - Posted 3 days ago

Immediate need for a desktop support candidate to support a large government contractor on F E Warren AFB located in Cheyenne, WY....