Camp Lejeune

Marine Corps Base | Camp Lejeune, NC 28547

Constructed in 1941 and located in southeastern North Carolina, Camp Lejeune is a spacious Marine Corps training base that covers over 153,000 acres of land, which includes around 14 miles of beach along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The installation is located in Jacksonville, North Carolina, which...

Fort Bragg

Army Base | Fort Bragg, NC 28310

Located to the west of the town of Fayetteville in North Carolina, Fort Bragg is known for being the largest United States Army Base when calculated by population. Over 52,000 active duty soldiers call Fort Bragg home. There is also a large population of reserve soldiers, civilian base employees,...

MCAS Cherry Point

Marine Corps Base | Havelock, NC 28532

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point is dedicated to the operation and maintenance of assigned aircraft and is the home of some of the best trained, led and supported armed forces in the world. Built in 1941 and commissioned in 1942, MCAS Cherry Point is located in Cherry Point,...

MCAS New River

Marine Corps Base | Jacksonville, NC 28540

Based in Jacksonville, North Carolina, Marine Corps Air Station New River is a helicopter base for the United States Marine Corps. Situated in the eastern part of the state of North Carolina and close to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, MCAS New River is located near Camp...

Seymour Johnson AFB

Air Force Base | Seymour Johnson AFB, NC 27531

Seymour Johnson AFB is an hour east of Raleigh, North Carolina in Goldsboro. Situated half way between Raleigh and the coast, Goldsboro, NC is a small town surrounded by rural farming communities. The base is on 3,300 acres and is home to the 4th Fighter Wing and the...

Military Installations in NC

North Carolina has a lower cost of living than many states, which allows a family to stretch its military paycheck further.

Overall, North Carolina is a state where transients and natives mix, and no place more so than in our military base communities. Schools can vary from district to district so check yours in advance.

Housing costs are lower overall and the mild climate makes mobile home living possible.

Rental housing of many kinds is available in any of the base communities. Whether a given housing complex or landlord will allow pets is a matter to be confirmed through your rental agent.

Food Shopping Tips

A 2 percent tax on food at the supermarket makes shopping at the commissary smart except when local fruits and vegetables are in season at farm stands. Expect to see the first strawberries sometime in April, peaches in June or early July, mountain-grown apples in September, and local greens through early winter.

Activities and the Community

North Carolina is also a state where people value community activities. There are local festivals, small towns with interesting histories, and weather that allows you to enjoy the outdoors almost all year. Camp LeJeune is practically at the coast, but as locals travel, all of the bases are easy rides to the beach.

Economic Outlook

Of the base communities, all are located in parts of the state where economic growth has been stagnant in recent years. Employment options are likely to be similar to what have been experienced in other base communities. Professional spouses have been known to commute significant distances to work: WTVD-11 evening anchor Tisha Powell is an Air Force spouse who commutes more than 80 miles one-way to work in Durham.