Fort Drum

Army Base | Fort Drum, NY 13602

Fort Drum is named in honor of Lieutenant General Hugh A. Drum. Located in the scenic North Country of New York State, Fort Drum is just 30 miles southeast of Canada. The Adirondack Mountains and the Great Lakes are within driving distance from the installation. The 10th Mountain Division...

Fort Hamilton

Army Base | Brooklyn, NY 11209

Fort Hamilton is a compact installation located in Brooklyn, New York. The installation is named in honor of Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury and Senior Officer of the United States Army. Some of the original buildings remain on Fort Hamilton and are listed on National Register...

US Military Academy

Army Base | West Point, NY 10996

The US Military Academy at West Point is located in New York. The Academy has a long, rich history. It was the first ever military school in America. Admission is highly competitive and requires a recommendation from a US Senator or Rep. The Academy's graduates become commissioned officers...

Military Installations in NY

New York has five military bases which include Saratoga Springs NSU, Watervliet Arsenal, Fort Hamilton, Fort Drum, and the US Military Academy also known as West Point.

West Point is a prestigious military school which is known for training some of the most famous Army Officers such as Douglas MacArthur, George S. Patton Jr., Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson.

Landmarks and More

New York City is sometimes referred to as a city that never sleeps because of the fast pace life style that New Yorkers lead.

Ellis Island is a historical landmark which is located off the coast of New York. It used to be the gateway for immigrants that wanted to become citizens of the United States of America and is where the famous Statue of Liberty now stands. Times Square which is located in down town Manhattan Island hosts the one of the largest New Year’s Eve parties where people gather from all over to watch the ball drop.

Of course, when visiting New York it is hard to forget that it was once the site of the famous World Trade Towers which were destroyed in the 911 terrorist attacks. Industries in New York include the Stock Market Exchange, fishing, shipping, and tourism. Although, New York is a beautiful place to live the cost of living is higher than many other areas and the unemployment rate is 8.8 percent.